Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amaaaazing Invitations

Beautiful records + CDs made by gourmet invitations (

Its for a b-day party, but could easily be changed to a wedding invite

Ceremony Songs inspired by:


Come Close to Me

The Light


Love of My Life

Makes my day (my personal fav ..gotta find it clean)

The sound of music

Awesome Music themed inspiration!

Our Venue

Here's where we're getting hitched!! I'm excited, this is the place I've envisioned and didn't even know it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unconvential Bouquets

I'd really like to carry something different other than your standard flowers down the aisle. Here's some inspiration:

peacock feather from
Button and Felt from
Cool wire bouquet found on
Awesome butterfly bouquet found on Martha Stewart's website

Less than a year to go...

My wedding date is 9/4/10, and unfortunately for me I'm a habitual procrastinator. I do spend day-in/day-out looking at bridal stuff, fantasizing, and trying to peg down our 'theme'. 25 million internet hours logged (okay, exaggerating a bit) and I feel like I have Bridal ADD! I decided to chronicle this in a blog. Here is what I have decided so far:

1. I want to do the majority of things myself (well, with a little help from my friends)
2. I do not want to spend crazy amounts of money! I'd much rather enjoy starting my marriage 'non-bankrupt'.
3. We looove music, so we want to incorporate that as much as possible.
4. I think we are pretty nontraditional, but we would like to bring some of it in to our wedding.

We've been engaged for almost a year, and that's as far as I have gotten.